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Weihui municipal auspicious and association tang co., LTD

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No title-3.jpg Committed to the organic fertilizer manufacturer"Environmental protection、Security、Efficient、Good quality、The economy"The new agricultural development。

No title-3.jpg Organic fertilizer factory has passedIS09001:2008The international quality management system certification、The production license、Environmental protection acceptance certificate、High quality products for social acceptance。

No title-3.jpg Products in strict accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China ministry of agriculture standards of productionGB20287-2006; NY884-2012; NY/T798-2015; NY525-2012,Quality guaranteed

Organic fertilizer factory

Organic fertilizer factory

No title-3.jpg Rich product line,With microbial organic fertilizer、Organic fertilizer、Compound fertilizer material、Chicken manure fermentation、The dry chicken manure、Dried dung, and other products。

No title-3.jpg Organic fertilizer manufacturer according to soil testing formula developed custom formula fertilizer,Can fully meet the different regions、Different seasons、Different crop fertilizer requirement

No title-3.jpg We will send professional technicians to follow up the user,For the user to the local chicken manure fermentation、Microbial organic fertilizer fertilization、Have to season、Crop characteristics professional guidance, and so on

No title-3.jpg Company scientific research strength,Long-term to provide professional guidance,You have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us,We will timely solution for you

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  Professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer production-Built in weihui municipal auspicious and tang co., LTD2003Years,Cover an area of an area80Mu,In the tight107National highway and the new Dutch highway,The traffic is very convenient。Company's main:Flower organic fertilizer,Organic vegetables,Fruits and organic fertilizer,Cow dung manure,Biological fermentation organic fertilizer,Chicken manure fertilizer,Dry pure chicken manure,Substrate, etc。Can be widely used in flower、Trees、The vegetables、Melon and fruit、Medicinal herbs、Crops such as tea and other plants,The use of fertilizers,Can significantly improve the quality of the various plant products,To pollution-free、Green, organic food and product requirements。 And organic fertilizer is the use of advanced technology,The high quality chicken manure、Raw materials such as cow dung to repeated high temperature fermentation for a long time and made a kind of high efficient、Clean green manure。No harm、Non-toxic、Odourless and is the characteristic of this new type of high-tech products。The fertilizer contains20And a variety of beneficial microbes flora35%The organic matter,Contains various nutrients plants need,Also has an important role in improving soil organic matter、Humus and many kinds of trace elements on crops and extremely strong。...
  With chicken manure、Cow dung for raw material to produce organic fertilizer,Cost little,The quality is stable,As the organic fertilizer many advantages gradually recognized by people,Coupled with the support of national policy,Experts estimate that,Organic fertilizer sales in the future market will be in a year5%The speed of growth,Is the development of green agriculture、Ecological agriculture、Green agriculture、The ideal will use fertilizer efficient agriculture,Is the current and future development direction of fertilizer production。